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Why SportMind tool and coaching or working with psychologist complement each other? 

The SportMind Diagnoses give a picture of the internal mental state of athletes, providing coaches with a lot of useful information to use before matches and in their long-term development. The information obtained from there and its proper interpretation allows to receive answers to many questions concerning athletes’ behaviours and attitudes, however deeper and permanent changes in the mental or psychological sphere being a source of them require additional work with a coach or sports psychologist. 

What is coaching and how does Sport Mind work? And how do they affect each other? We will answer these questions later in the article.

The environment of sports coaches is largely consistent that physical, technical and tactical preparation is not enough to achieve success according to the athlete’s potential, as this is mainly in his/her head. The place where in sport, especially at the highest level, you can look for your advantage over rivals is mental sphere. If we assume that two teams or a pair of opponents have very similar physical and technical preparation, then the mental state on a given day of competition or match may decide about victory or defeat.

The SportMind tool diagnoses the current state of players (as well as entire teams) by providing specific information from the mental sphere. It allows, among other things, to learn about their real, often unconscious, reactions and behaviors during the game and training (e.g. feeling the game or perceptiveness), the attitude represented in the team or group (stability, ability to stimulate other players), motivating and stressful factors and many others.

What is coaching? We hear about it more and more often, but we do not fully know how it helps. Sports coaches often see that the potential of an athlete is high, and not yet fully revealed, and their reserves are seen in the mental-psychological sphere. Winner’s Mentality Coaching ® (WMC) as a unique form of work (also with the unconscious part) is a new form of work on developing this sphere and the possibility of achieving better results by athletes.

During this coaching (WMC) the athlete works individually on topics that concern him/her. There is no single, universal recipe or path leading to success in this sphere.

Why? Because the shape and course of the WMC session are determined by his/her individual characteristics, beliefs, values and current life and sports situation as well as their overall personal perception of the world.

The coach’s task is to use his/her knowledge and experience to enter the world of an athlete and bring out his/her individual and specific needs and then work with them. Various and often unique needs result, among others, from being not only an athlete, but also an ordinary person and may be related to what he/she experiences internally, for example: pressure, stress, difficulties with concentration, self-confidence or during recovery from failure or injury. On the other hand, there may also be an effect of “success going to their  heads” during spectacular successes, earning big money. Finding balance in all this can be a big internal challenge for an athlete.

Coaching should start by reaching your goals and formulating them properly and consciously. And already during a WMC session, the athlete can reach the sources of his or her passion, find internal motivation, quickly increase the internal quality of such self-confidence, slack, or get rid of unnecessary thoughts and feelings in the body appearing in various situations and thus achieve a natural state “No matter what happens, I will manage“. Whereas SportMind diagnoses will show this internal change.

Therefore, these two things, i.e. discussing the results of the Sport Mind analysis and additional work on the mental-psychological sphere, make both these processes become an appropriate supplement to each other because they are both able to convey full information about the athlete’s internal reality, increase the level of utilization of his/her potential and measure the changes resulting from his work on himself/herself.

By combining the diagnosis of SportMind with work of a coach or psychologist, the private and professional life of an athlete gains more order and peace. Awareness of what is happening in the mental sphere affects the overall quality of his/her life, and this translates into results in sport. The ability to achieve concentration, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as greater easiness have a holistic effect on the athlete. Therefore, it is worth to work on the mental and mental sphere because they clearly influence the physical sphere and performance in sport (Read more about it) and influence how the athlete’s body behaves during training and competitions.

For people working with the mental-psychological sphere of athletes, SportMind can show the areas to work and then be used as a tool to measure changes occurring in this sphere during such work.

 Thanks to data from SportMind an athlete can also work on himself or herself because he/she becomes more aware as a person. He/She can combine the influence of external events on their own internal condition, as well as work on them, in their own way, internal, unfavorable reactions so that during sports performances they have the least influence on the results. 


Authors: Dariusz Szostek, Magdalena Nowak