Sport Idea is an exclusive distributor of SportMind in Poland and have worldwide exclusivity for dance.

19th edition of World Dance Championships IDO Ossa 2019 seen by Sport Idea representative

From 1 to 9 December 2019, in Ossa Hotel, near Rawa Mazowiecka (close to Warsaw), the World Dance Championships in Modern & Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet styles took place. For dancers in these styles these were the most important competitions of the season. About 4000 participants from all over the world presented their dance skills in Ossa. The event was attended by representatives of Sport Idea, who wanted to present to the dance world the innovative SportMind tool with diagnoses prepared especially for dancers and teams. The day before, Sport Idea and Sport Mind had sponsored the Championship Gala for the best dancers of 2019 in Poland.

Almost every athlete knows about the importance of an appropriate attitude and mental well-being. The mental sphere functions in synergy with the body and influences the ability to express one’s skills through the body. That is why representatives of Sport Idea visited Ossa with SportMind tool.

– Competitions in Ossa was an extraordinary opportunity to enter deeper into the world of dance and a chance to feel the everyday life and dancers. The career in dance as well as in sports is relatively short. You can stay at the highest level for a maximum time up to 10-15 years, so every dancer would like to achieve as much as possible during this time. Our company – Sport Idea was the first to notice the great similarity of sport and dance, prepared diagnoses and has worldwide exclusive rights to SportMind in the area of dance. We intend to cooperate with dancers globally in terms of their mental sphere – both in terms of its measurement and its changes at a deep level – says Dariusz Szostek, President of Sport Idea, as well as a Sport Mind consultant and coach.

To measure the mental sphere we use the SportMind tool, which reaches the unconscious part of people and at the same time it can be used by children, teenagers, adult athletes or dancers.

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Author: Magdalena Nowak