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Sport Mind in Dance

Dancing usually starts from early childhood. Hundreds and thousands of hours of practice, numerous sacrifices and frequent adaptation of private life to this activity are a sign of determination and perseverance in the realization of dancers’ dreams. In this area, this activity is no different from sport, although many people may think otherwise. Although dance is associated more with art, the final result of the competition depends on showing the skills expressed through the body, as it happens in all traditional sports.

But what happens to people who prepare their mind and body for success? Are they different from those people who associate their success with knowledge and years of learning and studying? No. Because all of them have and experience their problems, dilemmas, they are affected by numerous limitations and emotions resulting from everyday life, which directly influence their chosen field of success. But in the case of dance and sport, the verification of their development and the measurement of their success is carried out in the spotlight, during competitions, in a short period of time in which everything has to be synchronized: physical strength, technique and attitude of the day. Looking at the succes from the long-term point of view, a key moment in developing a sport and dance careers is to realize one’s own limitations as well as internal weaknesses and find ways to overcome them, thus enabling athletes to rise up to the heights of their current abilities.

How can Sport Mind help dancers with this?

First of all, by providing information about their current mental attitude while dancing and their mental state just before the competition. With this tool, they can learn about their weaknesses, strengths, as well as factors that stress them and motivate them. Before the performance, the most useful information will be: the degree of mind control over the body, as well as where the dancer is currently directing his thoughts – to training, performance, or towards the areas that distract his thoughts from the performance, such as pain, fear, injury, etc. Thanks to this information one may know how to work with athletes, both during training and while working with the mental or psychic sphere. Such identification improves communication, and there can be faster and better use of the existing dance potential.

Apart from individual performances, whole teams are also important in dance.

The atmosphere between the dancers is worth examining as well as their cooperation and the level of their aspirations. Perhaps there are some obstacles that stand in the way of achieving high efficiency of common work, such as conflicts, distractions, lack of mutual flow? The “Team Analysis” will allow you to see the internal picture of the whole team.

 Is it possible to change someone’s mentality?

Commonly speaking, it is often assumed that the mentality cannot be changed. However, our experience while working with many athletes shows that working on this sphere allows to change it radically and very quickly, and then allows them to significantly improve their performance during the most important performances. And this change is also visible in the diagnosis of SportMind! What is necessary to change your attitude and mentality is the willingness and readiness of the athlete, or in this case the dancer, to change himself or herself and to be fully involved in working with us in this area.

The final effects can then exceeded the initial expectations. That is why in the context of such work we often use the motto “Don’t expect anything, have hope for everything”.

Authors: Magdalena Nowak, Dariusz Szostek