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The Polish Kick-boxer could turn her inner state results in an hour with the mental coach

How fast can you change the athlete’s inner state? How can you use the SportMind diagnostics to work on a sports mentality? Will the diagnostics show the change taking place during the session? How does this state directly affect the results of the athlete?

Here are the questions that often appear from coaches working on the mentality of athletes or from sports trainers training individual athletes or sports teams. The following example answers these questions. The case comes from the coaching session of the athlete practising kickboxing.

The competitor worked with me during coaching session a year earlier in a special approach (Winner Mentality Coaching) working with the unconscious mind. She worked through ring situations and emotional, body reactions during the fight, which caused her not to fight with her potential, just as she thought she could have. One year later, she called and asked for another session, which was to prepare her for the Senior Polish Championship starting in a few days.

She said that she had already done everything: training, diet, and now she wanted to work on her mentality because as she stated, what she had done a year earlier had not reflected yet and now wanted to take another step in this area. Before and after the session, she performed the diagnostics of Psychic Energy in SportMind, which showed changes in the unconscious part and in the current internal state.

Here is the final result of Psychic Energy after the session:

Chart 1. – Results of Psychic Energy

And here is a chart of changes that have occurred in its internal state within an hour

Chart 2. – Psychic Energy – Trend

From the point of view of sports practice, the ideal results of Psychic Energy are when an athlete has a high Mental and body balance value especially when it comes to a discipline such as kickboxing, Psychic energy is high, and Energy Mode is balanced. As for the diagram, Match and Training should be above the bold line, and the rest of the parameters respectively below.

As you can see, after the one-hour session the results have changed very much and shifted in the optimal direction. First of all, the parameter Mental and body balance jumped from the value 29 to 77.2, which in the case of martial arts is a key aspect, because with low control of the mind over the body can cause a blow, injury or thoughts about body pain and distraction. Psychic energy has also increased (from 33 to 57).

All the parameters that should be high: Mental and body balance, Psychic energy, Match and Training have increased, and those that should be low have decreased.

Two days after the coaching session, the Polish Championship began. The athlete won a silver medal, in the final loss to the older, more than 6 years older, more experienced and titled competitor. After the Championships, she was happy and satisfied with herself and that she did not break in the ring, and also that she showed her skills and character in these competitions.

This case shows that SportMind catches changes occurring in the unconscious part of the athlete and can be used by psychologists and coaches to work with them. These changes can be very fast, felt in the body by the athlete and at the same time visible in the diagnostics of SportMind. And with a better internal condition of the athletes, they can achieve results that suit their current skills and potential.

Author: Dariusz Szostek, SportMind consultant

And this is how the kick-boxer Agata Piechowicz sees the whole cooperation

“The diagnostics opened my eyes. The results were an exact reflection of what I had in my mind right in that time and the sessions with the mental coach unlocked my head and body.

During the fight, I just wiped my first opponent out of the ring. Sports coach and I were shocked. I got rid of fears and anxiety, which the woman really has a lot while going into the ring. Thanks to coaching sessions, I quickly became a good player and I had the opportunity to represent the country at the highest level.” says the Kick-boxer about working with SportMind consultant Dariusz Szostek.



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