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I thought I did not need it. However, it opened my eyes, head, and body,’ says Agata Piechowicz about SportMind diagnostics and consultation

First I did not see the need for mental preparation

In the beginning, I was not convinced of coaching which Darek mentioned. I thought I did not need it. I told myself – I know so many athletes at a good level, and none of these uses such “spells”.

The first diagnostics (Mental Analysis) that I made opened my eyes. The results were an exact reflection of what I had in my mind right in that time, so in the short period, the first of my coaching sessions took place. I went there out of pure curiosity. I did not even exactly know what I would like to work on because I thought everything was as it should be. During the session, it turned out that one topic is particularly important to me – fear of the titled opponent.

After I have tried SportMind and worked on the coaching session I just wiped my first opponent out of the ring

The session made a huge impression on me; I never felt that way before. All words penetrated me and seemed to stay. Soon the first Polish Senior Championships with my participation took place, and I did not feel the superiority of rivals’ experience. In general, I did not focus on it, the problem was eliminated from my head and the baggage of my rival’s experiences, her name, did not exist. Only the opponent’s figure remained and nothing more. Coach and I were shocked. I just wiped my first opponent out of the ring. The “tornado” of emotion and energy was released, and there was no doubt that I won this fight. It was something new for my trainer and me.

The most amazing session took place one year later, in April 2016. Just before the Polish championships, for some time I was afraid of lack of strength during the fight. I felt that I had the power. I was well prepared physically, but in the ring, I did not give a max. During the fight, there was a “seat belt” that caused me not to take risky combinations, so as not to lose my strength and go down the ring with so much energy that I would be able to fight an additional round. As part of this session, before and after this session, I performed the diagnostics of Psychic energy. After this session, the “seat belt” disappeared from my head and the difference in the results of the final diagnostics was huge compared to the one before the session.

The road towards the silver medal was hard

In the ring at the Polish Senior Championships, I left everything: blood, sweat, and tears and won second place, succumbing to only one of the best players in the world. It is an amazing feeling when the audience, other players, and trainers congratulate the incredible fight when I know that I had given my all and only that I lacked to experience this.

Sessions unlocked my head and body. I got rid of fears and anxiety, which the woman really has a lot while going into the ring. Thanks to coaching sessions, I quickly became a good player, and I had the opportunity to represent the country at the highest level. I do not know if with these fears, without these sessions, I would have been able to achieve so much in such a short time.

Author: Agata Piechowicz

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